ZEBx & BCIT: Tech Demo Series – The Smartflow Panel

Case Study: Orion – Real-Life Performance of a Step 4, All-Electric Building
January 17, 2023
Decarb Lunch: Jan 2023, Heat Pumps for Step 5 Homes in Northern BC
January 30, 2023

Tech Demo Series – The Smartflow Panel

Past Event: Jan 18, 2023


This is an incomplete slide deck. For the complete slide deck and/or additional information on this product and mechanical design, please contact Jay Jagpal at Olympic International.


This ZEBx event was hosted by BCIT  and took place in their High-Performance Building Lab on their Burnaby campus.

This Event

Back in our Oct 2021 Decarb Lunch, ZEBx featured a near-zero emissions, multi-family, Metro Vancouver Housing project on Welcher Avenue in Port Coquitlam with a novel and innovative mechanical system. The building has a hot water loop connected to a heat pump and an energy transfer panel in each unit. Both the domestic hot water and space heating is generated on-demand through the energy transfer panel. This eliminates the need – and cost – for two dedicated mechanical systems.  This Tech Demo focused on Olympic International, supplier for the panels, and Rocky Point Engineering, the mechanical engineering firm for the Welcher Avenue project, presenting this first-of-its-kind-in-Canada system to our local community of practice.