ZEBx & BCIT: Tech Demo Series – The Innova HRA-i Plus

Decarb Lunch: Sep 2022, Getting Unstuck: Homeowner and Contractor perspectives on home electrification
September 23, 2022
Case Study: OSO
October 18, 2022

Tech Demo Series – The Innova HRA-i Plus

Past Event: Sep 27, 2022

Resources from Innova:

Innova HRA-i Plus – Comparison of similar product types

Innova HRA-i Plus – Product Data Sheet

Innova HRA-i Plus – The compact aggregate with heat pump for heating, cooling and air renewal in nZEB homes


This ZEBx event was hosted by BCIT  and took place in their High-Performance Building Lab on their Burnaby campus.

This Event

This compact HVAC unit is new to BC’s high-performance building equipment market, but some local consulting engineering firms are already considering it for new buildings and retrofits. Clima Design Technologies, the distributor of the HRA-i Plus, provided a presentation on the unit at BCIT’s fascinating High-Performance Building Lab for this great educational and networking opportunity.