May 2024 Decarb Lunch: The Cost of Zero Carbon Development

BC Energy Step Code Newsletter
May 23, 2024
Case Study: Unlocking the Potential of Deep Retrofits 
June 3, 2024
BC Energy Step Code Newsletter
May 23, 2024
Case Study: Unlocking the Potential of Deep Retrofits 
June 3, 2024

The Cost of Zero Carbon Development

Past Event: May 27, 2024 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

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To help bring the findings from the “Navigating Development with the Zero Carbon Step Code” case study to life, we hosted this Decarb Lunch webinar.

The presentation covered the following topics:

  • Suitable combinations of mechanical and enclosure systems to meet energy and emissions requirements.
  • Impact of changing codes on project capital costs.
  • Effects of varying design scenarios on operational costs.
  • How to quickly assess potential design changes and cost implications for reworking ongoing projects to meet different requirements
  • Key considerations for developers in approaching net-zero energy and carbon developments.

The intention was to provide information which will better prepare developers to meet current and future policy requirements, reduce financial risks, minimize future retrofit burdens, and accelerate market transformation towards fully net-zero carbon construction.

Thanks to the financial support of BC Hydro and the City of Vancouver, this event was free of charge.


Heather Reid, Senior Director of Technical and Commercial Relations, Chard Development Ltd. 

Heather Reid is a building science engineer with broad experience and perspectives. She has been in the construction industry for more than 20 years and has sat in various seats at the table: Owner’s representative, consulting engineer, contractor, educator, and industry organization director. In her current position at Chard Development, Heather leads business-to-business initiatives and leverages her extensive technical knowledge to support the operations, development and construction groups in all project phases.

Anthony Quin, Director of Development, Chard Development Ltd.

Anthony Quin is professionally qualified in Development and Project Management, with over 2 decades of experience working predominantly within the Residential Real Estate Industry in the UK and Canada. He has experience across all phases of development, many asset classes, and in new buildings and extensive renovations. He has a clear understanding of development, both from a technical and a financial standpoint which allows him to find creative ways to solve problems and create value. Anthony sits on the UDI & City of Victoria Liaison Committee and from 2020 – to 2023 was Chair of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in BC.

Maddy Kennedy-Parrott, Building Science Engineer, RDH Building Science Inc. 

Maddy Kennedy-Parrott splits her time between the Building Enclosure and Energy and Climate teams at RDH. She specializes in the integration of whole building energy modelling and building enclosure design to help buildings reach their highest performance potential, whether performance is analyzed through an energy, greenhouse gas emissions, climate resilience or occupant comfort lens. From existing building retrofits to typical new construction to Passive House projects, Maddy uses her unique expertise to deliver highly efficient buildings and advance industry knowledge on how enclosure and energy performance interact and influence one another.

Neil Norris, Building Science Specialist, RDH Building Science Inc. 

Neil specializes in the implementation of practical net-zero building design strategies and Passive House principles for new and retrofit buildings, with a focus on climate resilient building enclosures. Neil works with project teams to understand how to improve building energy and carbon use to meet project goals using advanced analysis tools, such as thermal simulation, energy modelling, and computational fluid dynamics. Neil is a Passive House consultant and has provided additional technical guidance for numerous Passive House and high-performance buildings across North America. Neil has also contributed to several influential building enclosure studies including BC Hydro’s Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide prior to joining RDH. As an industry leader, Neil continues to leverage his experience to develop industry guides, learning courses, and tools to advance the knowledge of net-zero construction in the building industry.


Natalie Douglas, ZEBx Program Manager, ZEIC

Vincent Delfaud, Bosa (as part of his role as a ULI BC member/part of 3rd cohort of ULI’s Net Zero Imperative)