Case Study: Carrington View

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May 18, 2021
BC Energy Step Code Report: Addressing the Cost of Efficiency
May 20, 2021

When Highstreet Ventures (Highstreet) began the Carrington View rental development, there was no municipal requirement to meet any step of the BC Energy Step Code (Step Code). While the Step Code had recently been introduced, only a select group of municipalities had adopted it. Despite this, Highstreet chose to target the highest step of the Step Code for one of the buildings in the Carrington View development. This was prompted by two main reasons. First, the Province had recently launched the CleanBC Plan, which will require buildings to meet the highest level of the Step Code by 2032. Second, the Province was offering a generous incentive for NZER projects through the CleanBC NZER Challenge. 

Highstreet believed that it was not only possible to achieve Step 4 of the Step Code twelve years ahead of schedule, but that it could be done cost effectively. Their goal was to provide condo-quality rental units in a near-zero emissions building at no additional cost compared to other rental units on the market. As a developer and builder, Highstreet was uniquely positioned to tackle this dual objective.

Carrington View is a three-building, 186-unit apartment complex located in West Kelowna, British Columbia. Highstreet applied to the CleanBC NZER Challenge with Building A of this complex. This building is Highstreet’s first rental building targeting Step 4 of the Step Code – a NZER level of performance. In addition to this energy-related performance target, the development also sought to minimize operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and embodied emissions.

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