BC Energy Step Code Report: Addressing the Cost of Efficiency

Case Study: Carrington View
May 20, 2021
Video & Playbook: Life Cycle Assessment Practice to Estimate Embodied Carbon in Buildings
June 1, 2021

Does Better Mean Less Affordable?

A report by Rob Bernhardt, former CEO of Passive House Canada, examining the cost of energy-efficient buildings from the perspective of policy makers, and owners or developers.

A pervasive assumption persists in the construction sector that improvements to building efficiency, durability, resilience or health will negatively impact affordability. When competently designed and built, the opposite is in fact true – yet the assumption continues in many circles. This new article by Rob Bernhardt dives into the cost implications of highly efficient, low-carbon buildings from the perspectives of a policy maker and an owner/developer and is published on the BC Energy Step Code website.

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