Case Study: 825 Pacific Street

Marketing the High-Performance Home
August 31, 2021
Decarbonization of a Commercial Domestic Hot Water System
September 15, 2021

One of the most recent additions to the City of Vancouver’s building portfolio is a shining example of the City’s aspirations for all new buildings. This all-electric, high-performance building is the country’s first art studio building that meets the stringent Passive House standard and is currently the tallest Passive House building in Vancouver.

In order to obtain a rezoning application to construct The Pacific at 1380 Hornby Street, Grosvenor offered to build the City of Vancouver a cultural amenity building adjacent to the development as part of its Community Amenity Contribution (CAC). Because the City was going to assume ownership of the building, the development was required to meet the Passive House standard. This multi-purpose arts and culture hub, located at 825 Pacific Street, is a seven-storey core-and-shell development which will be operated by a not-for-profit arts organization. The ground floor will serve as an art gallery and event space while the floors above will be rented out and fitted up as art studios. There are no demising walls or corridors on any of the floors, apart from the basement.

Read the case study here: 825 Pacific Street