ZEBx Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue – Ready to Roll: Simple Solutions for Going Electric

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February 14, 2022
ZEBx & BCIT: Tech Demo Series – The Lync Aegis CO2 Heat Pump
February 25, 2022

Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue – Ready to Roll: Simple Solutions for Going Electric

Past Event: Feb 17, 2022 @ 10am – 12pm

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Are there simple solutions for going electric? We’re convinced that electrification doesn’t have to be complicated. This interactive dialogue explored electrification solutions in single-family homes, rental apartments and small commercial buildings.

The Feb 2022 Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue was a collaboration with B2E and HRAI.

Dialogues and Speakers

  • The Case for Electrification of (Part 9) Residential Homes
  • Electrification Opportunities for MURBs
  • Solutions for Small Commercial Buildings

Peter Sundberg – Executive Director at City Green Solutions

City Green Solutions is a social enterprise that provides a wide range of residential and small commercial energy efficiency programs and services, including energy coaching services, virtual home energy check ups, program development and development and delivery, marketing and promotional services, research, training and capacity building services. City Green is also a licensed Service Organization for the EnerGuide Rating System (new and existing homes). Peter is a house-as-a-system and building science specialist that specializes in energy service business development, research, training and capacity building, and building awareness about the full value and benefits of energy efficient and low carbon homes and buildings.

John Foster – Senior Energy Engineer at FRESCo

John is a Professional Engineer with a passion for making housing healthy, affordable and reducing GHG. John has completed over 300 energy studies in multi-family buildings, including social housing, low-income rental apartments and housing Co-ops. He has a focus on heat pumps retrofits and has led or participated in many overview and case studies for clients including Fortis, BC Hydro the Province of BC and LandLordBC. John has enjoyed living in apartment buildings for all his adult life and has participated on the board and maintenance committee.

Sofia Marmolejo – Energy Efficiency Engineer at FRESCo

Sofia is a mechatronics Professional Engineer with a holistic background in mechanical, electrical and controls systems. Her experience has led her to gain technical expertise through the design and project management in a wide range of building types. Sofia has recently worked in many multi-unit residential building energy assessments and electrification projects across BC as well as research and feasibility studies looking at retrofitting heat pumps and hybrid (electric-gas) systems. She also has enjoyed supporting the industry by volunteering for local groups such as the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) and the Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering (DAWEG).

Christy Love – Senior Project Engineer at RDH Building Science (Victoria)

Christy’s work places an emphasis on efficient building systems, research, and sustainability. For the past 20 years she has been designing, evaluating, and researching energy-, carbon- and water-efficient solutions for the built environment. Her current focus is improving the performance of existing buildings through applied research, and supporting the development of related policy and programs.


Victoria Cross, BC Lead, HRAI

Mariko Michasiw, B2E Program Manager, ZEBx

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