ZEBx Decarb Lunch Series

CleanBC NZER Design Challenge: Workshop Series
November 26, 2019
Designer and Installer Training for DHW Heat Pumps
January 21, 2020

Vancouver’s green building organizations (ZEBx, BC Hydro, Canada Green Building Council [CaGBC], and Passive House Canada) have come together to host the monthly ZEBx Decarb Lunch Series, focused on the City’s leading low carbon projects and emerging products. The objective of the series is to facilitate knowledge exchange among early adopters, learn from peers and accelerate our path towards cost effective, zero emission buildings.

The Decarb Lunch Series takes place on the last Friday of every month, between 12:00-1:00pm and is now moved fully online to help keep our community healthy. We are offering free registration! With many people working remotely, we would like to provide an opportunity for the building community to connect in a safe way, share ideas and stay inspired.

If you’re working on a zero emission, high-performance or net-zero project, we strongly encourage you present at one of the upcoming events. The content is focused on lessons learned from implementing low carbon solutions, with the intent of advancing knowledge for our local industry. Guidelines for presentations are:

  • Projects can be complete, in design or in construction
  • Can have multiple presenters, though presenters should be relevant to the key content chosen for the presentation (e.g. architect/building envelope consultant talking about envelope, contractor talking about construction challenges, etc.)
  • Presentation should focus on only two to three interesting stories from the project (not a high level overview about everything on the project – spend no more than five minutes on project overview)
  • Stories should be focused primarily on carbon reduction strategies (i.e. lowering building loads, electrifying heating and hot water, innovative products and technologies, renewable energy, etc.)
  • Stories should be focused on major lessons learned (how can industry benefit from the presentation’s information – either due to a unique/innovative/replicable solution that was discovered during the project or something that you would never do again because of too much complexity, cost, etc.)

We would be grateful for your participation and if interested, request that you contact events@zebx.org, for more details.

Check out our Events Page for upcoming topics!