Designer and Installer Training for DHW Heat Pumps

ZEBx Decarb Lunch Series
January 13, 2020
Thermal Bridging Training: How-To Workshop for Practitioners
March 5, 2020

Designer and Installer Training for DHW Heat Pumps

Past Event: January 29 @ 8:30 am – 4:15 pm


Morning Workshop: Multi-family CO2 Heat Pump DHW Design Training

As the BC market continues to drive down heating loads via the BC Energy Step Code, domestic hot water production becomes the dominant load in multi-family buildings and the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, thereby driving a switch from fossil fuel-based solutions to electric heat pumps. This transition requires a re-examination of plant sizing and distribution solutions. This presentation will address the nature of CO2 heat pumps, and how they can be applied to multi-family buildings. The emerging strategy is to use an individual Sanden CO2 heat pump as a scalable module to creating a centralized DHW system. The key design points include understanding the building load characteristics and matching them up to DHW storage and recovery that fits the next load draw.

Afternoon Workshop: Sanden SANCO2 DHW Installer Training

As the City of Vancouver transitions to zero emissions buildings, robust and cost-effective solutions for decarbonizing domestic hot water are necessary. We have partnered with Sanden and Small Planet Supply to offer specialized training for installers and interested designers on CO2 heat pump systems, applicable to single family and multi-family projects.

The SANCO2 Heat Pump Water heater is based on EcoCute technology and features the highest efficiency and First Hour rating of any HPWH presently sold in North America. The product is sold nationally in the United States and Canada, and is installed by both plumbers and HVAC contractors. There are currently several projects in BC that have installed this technology.


John Miles – Sanden International USA

John Miles is General Manager of the Eco Systems division for Sanden International USA, and is currently overseeing sales and support of the first commercially available Air to Water CO₂ Heat Pump Water Heater in North America aimed at Residential and Commercial applications John is a close to 30 year veteran of the HVAC/Plumbing industry, having started his career as a Design Draughtsman for Airedale International in Leeds, England prior to moving to the US in the early 90’s to work for various manufacturers of Plumbing and HVAC units.

This event is brought to you in partnership with BC Hydro.