Jun 2023 Decarb Lunch: Bondi Energy is Coming to BC

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June 22, 2023
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September 11, 2023

Bondi Energy is Coming to BC

Past Event: Jun 28, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


As governments begin focusing their emissions-reduction plans, policies and regulations on existing buildings, the market is responding. The demand for retrofit-related services and products is growing, but so is the supply. Bondi Energy, headquartered in Toronto, is one of a handful of Canadian companies that provide the full range of services required to decarbonize a building’s heating system, typically with Daikin or Innova electric heat pumps. They take care of design, project management and installation and have decarbonized over 3,000 residential suites in multi-family buildings. And they now have an office in BC.

Bondi Energy was joined by Mat 4Site Engineers for this Jun 2023 Decarb Lunch, which was hosted with Darla Simpson, Program Manager Retrofits, ZEBx, alongside Roberto Pecora, Director, ZEBx.


Belinda Gilbey, Co-Founder and President, Bondi Energy Corp

Combining her passions for engineering and entrepreneurship, Belinda Gilbey (B.Sc.A. 2014, Mechanical Engineering, University of Ottawa) co-founded BONDI Energy, a Toronto-based company that has risen to the top of the cleantech sector in Ontario. After graduation, she worked in the technical sales department of a distributor of fasteners for solar panels, before joining a commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning company as a as strategic account manager. There, she deepened her knowledge of mechanical systems and discovered the immense potential of a technology that is just beginning to break through in North America: the heat pump.  Since 2019, Linda and co-founder Aaron Graben, have been working to supply commercial and multi-residential buildings with heat pumps, thereby helping to reduce energy costs and the ecological footprint of the built environment. In 2022, BONDI won the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s Energy Efficiency & Grid Firming Award. 

Rinkesh Shah, Director, Mat 4Site

Rinkesh graduated from the University of Waterloo’s Mechanical Engineering program in 2011 and joined Mat 4Site in 2021 after having worked for Smith + Anderson and Aecom. Mat 4Site was established in 2004 MAT 4Site Engineers is a privately owned company located in the heart of the GTA that specializes in the design and engineering of building systems. Recently, it began working closely with BONDI Energy Corp on their heat pump retrofit projects.  


Roberto Pecora, Director, ZEBx

Darla Simpson, Program Manager Retrofits, ZEBx