Sep 2021 Decarb Lunch: Putting a Label on High-Performance

Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue One – Best Practices for Large Buildings
September 22, 2021
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Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue One – Best Practices for Large Buildings
September 22, 2021
Jul 2021 Decarb Lunch Podcast: Developer/Builder Recipes for Low-Cost, All-Electric, Step 4 Residential Construction
October 5, 2021

Putting a Label on High-Performance

Past Event: Sep 28 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


This event was a collaboration with the Canadian Home Builders Association BC and featured speakers from Naikoon Contracting and Averra Developments.

In November 2020, the Premier’s mandate letter to the Minister of Finance mentioned that in the future, real estate listings will be required to include energy efficiency information on listed homes. Among CHBA’s offerings for certification is the Net Zero Home Labelling Program. At this event, ZEBx and CHBA-BC showcased two solar-powered Net Zero Energy homes from ZEBx’s NearZero Emissions Building Program and the speakers gave valuable insights.


Joe Geluch – President & CEO, Naikoon

Joe started his career at a young age as a Labourer on construction sites and over the past 21 years moved through the ranks of Apprentice, Red Seal Carpenter, Site Supervisor, Gold Seal Project Manager and now President and CEO of Naikoon.

Over the past 12 years as President of Naikoon, he has gained expertise in many different aspects of both residential and commercial construction and led his teams through almost 100 projects and to over 40 industry awards, locally, provincially, and nationally.

He is a passionate and experienced expert in Mass Timber, off-site and Net Zero construction.

Recent industry impact includes being a founding member of Canada’s Net Zero Energy Housing Council, CHBABC Executive Board of Directors, Technical Research Committee, and chair of BCIT Carpentry Advisory Committee.

Gavin McLeod – Averra

Gavin has been a Partner at Averra Developments since 2007. Before diving into Part 9 construction, he was a Development Manager for firms specializing in a variety of large residential, commercial and industrial projects. As the City of Vancouver and surrounding municipalities have raised the floor for building performance targets, Averra has responded by taking an “early adopter approach” with high-performance single-family and duplex homes currently under construction and at various stages in the planning process.

Averra’s business development strategy is firmly rooted in the expectation that these building performance requirements will be mandated in the future. By taking on these high-performance projects today, Averra expects to be well-positioned to take advantage of the future demand for high performance homes.


Vanessa Joehl – Director of Energy Programs, Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC & Service Organization Manager

Vanessa Joehl is the Director of Energy Programs for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC as well as the association’s Service Organization Manager. Her role is to facilitate the promotion and delivery of the EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR and CHBA Net Zero labelling programs within BC.

Vanessa works closely with Natural Resources Canada and the CHBA BC Energy Advisor Network who have all been trained and licensed through the Canadian Home Builders’ Association to deliver and promote voluntary labeling programs.Additionally, Vanessa provides training opportunities for builders seeking an Energy Star or Net Zero label for their newly constructed homes.

Roberto Pecora – Director of ZEBx

Roberto’s journey through the building industry extends back almost two decades and includes stops in Ottawa and Montreal before settling in Vancouver ten years ago. He has extensive experience in both new construction and existing buildings.

Roberto has successfully taken on project management roles for subcontractors, a general contractor and a national project management firm. In the eight years before joining ZEBx, he worked in the building science group of a national consulting engineering firm, specializing in building assessments, capital planning, asset management and most recently, energy studies and energy management.

Roberto is very well acquainted with the real estate, property management, consulting and construction industries. Most importantly, he has a deep-rooted desire in transforming the building industry to reduce its impact on climate change.