The ZEBx Decarb Lunch Podcast: Feb 2022, Be Prepared! The BC Energy Step Code Capacity Study

ZEBx & BCIT: Tech Demo Series – The Lync Aegis CO2 Heat Pump
February 25, 2022
ZEBx, UDI – Pacific & Affine Climate Solutions: Financing Solutions for Low-Carbon Buildings
March 9, 2022

Season 2 Episode 2

Recorded at Past Event: Feb 25, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


This event was an official collaboration with the Vancouver Economic Commission.

The Energy Step Code Capacity Study provides a glimpse into the building industry’s future and the bridges we need to build to get there. In some areas, we’re in pretty good shape for the upcoming 2027 and 2032 code minimum requirements. In others, less so.

ZEBx and VEC presented the key findings and recommendations of this study, including how a high-performance homebuilder focuses on training to keep her team competitive and ready for change.

Speakers & Subjects

Helen Goodland- Principal. Head of Research & Innovation at Scius Advisory

The Energy Step Code Capacity Study: Gearing Up for Net Zero buildings

Helen Goodland is an architect registered in the UK and has an MBA from the University of BC. She brings over 30 years of experience working on transformative solutions for the real estate and construction industries in Canada and around the world. She is also a compelling public speaker, facilitator and educator.

Helen is firmly committed to achieving truly sustainable buildings within the next decade. She is also passionate about advancing leadership opportunities for women in construction technology. To this end, she participates on numerous boards and committees. Currently she serves on the Board of Directors of Building Transformations (formerly CanBIM) and the University of Victoria’s Green Civil Engineering Advisory Board. She is also past chair of the UN Sustainable Buildings Initiative’s Materials Technical Committee.

Helen is one of the BC Sustainable Energy Association’s climate action heroes and has been nominated as a YWCA Woman of Distinction. In 2017, she received the Vancouver Regional Construction Association’s Outstanding Woman in Construction Award.

Meredith Hamstead – Co-founder of thinkBright Homes Ltd

How Training Provides A Competitive Edge for Homebuilders

Meredith’s work at thinkBright is backed by a prior career as an independent consultant. Her approach to housing and construction is informed by two decades of professional experience spanning water conservation; environmental communications; climate change; sustainable land use; sustainable community development; and strategic planning for local governments and boards of directors.

At thinkBright Homes, Meredith and her husband and business partner, Paul Denchuk are in constant pursuit of the leading edge in residential construction. While thinkBright is a small business, they are proving that high performance, energy, efficient, low carbon, climate resilient construction can also be cost effective. thinkBright Homes was the first company in BC to be registered with the Home Performance Contractor’s Network in Insulation and in Fenestration.

Meredith has a Masters Degree in Environmental Design and is an Environmental Professional (EP) certified in Environmental Communications and Public Awareness, and Environmental Policy and Legislation. In recent years she has taken formal training in Passive House construction, Insulation best practices, and business administration.


George Benson – Manager, Economic Transformation, VEC

Michaela Neuberger – Director of Operations, ZEBx