ZEBx Presents the B2E & BC Hydro Webinar: Is BC Ready for Electrification?

Video: NearZero – Reaching the Top Step
January 8, 2024
Jan 2024 Decarb Lunch Podcast: Productive Disruption – Virtual Decarbonization Planning
January 29, 2024
Video: NearZero – Reaching the Top Step
January 8, 2024
Jan 2024 Decarb Lunch Podcast: Productive Disruption – Virtual Decarbonization Planning
January 29, 2024

Is BC Ready for Electrification?

Past Event: Sep 29, 2023


The Video and Slide Deck are available (on B2E website)


ZEBx hosts this podcast. B2E, alongside ZEBx, CLF BC and NearZero are all part of the ZEIC family.

This free B2E webinar featured four speakers from BC Hydro addressing concerns related to building electrification.

To meet national, provincial, and local climate targets, our buildings, transportation, and industry need to shift to low-carbon technologies and energy. In British Columbia, we have a unique advantage. 98% of our electricity is generated from clean and renewable sources. In all sectors, the switch from fossil fuels to clean electricity is a critical strategy to reduce the province’s greenhouse gas emissions.

BC Hydro provides electricity to 95% of the province and has over five million customers. BC Hydro is taking action to prepare for the electricity needs of the future from the electrification of buildings, transportation, and industry. The speakers addressed some important questions related to building electrification:

  • Is BC ready for electrification?
  • How will BC Hydro meet our future electricity needs?
  • Does the building industry have a role to play in helping BC Hydro meet the future electricity demand?


Jacqueline Spray, Director of Customer Engagement and Sales, BC Hydro

“Part One: Setting the Stage”

Jacqueline Spray is currently leading the Customer Engagement and Sales team at BC Hydro. This team is responsible for developing and maintaining strong, collaborative relationships with BC Hydro’s customers and partners and working with them to provide programs and services that help them achieve their objectives. Jacqueline has over 23 years of experience at BC Hydro including senior roles in Key Account Management and Distribution Design and Customer Connections.

Robyn Wark, Manager Market Transformation, BC Hydro

“Part Two: Building Electrification: Transitioning to Zero Carbon Buildings ”

Robyn Wark, MRM, MCIP is Manager of Market Transformation BC Hydro.  This team works with industry and government to develop long-term market transformation roadmaps (eg net zero new construction, building electrification, demand response), and then partners in implementation and regulations. Prior to that, she was the team lead for BC Hydro’s Sustainable Communities program for almost a decade, working as a leading strategist and coach on low carbon communities.  Robyn is Co-Vice-Chair of the BC Energy Step Code Council, on the Leadership Council of the Building to Electrification Coalition, Treasurer of the Board of the Community Energy Association, and a Mentor for Women4Climate. She has taught at Royal Roads University and BCIT.  Outside work, she coaches her 2 sons’ unruly soccer teams – which is by far her most challenging job to date.

Alex Tu, Senior Strategic Technical Specialist, BC Hydro

“Part Three: Ensuring Adequate Electricity Supply”

Alex Tu has worked in the utility sector for 20 years in roles related to technology innovation, sustainability and resource planning. He has a bachelor’s degree in natural science from McGill University and a master’s degree in public policy from Simon Fraser University. Alex has been with BC Hydro since 2004 and works currently in the Energy Planning Department focusing on alternative and emerging energy resources.

Aaron Ellis, Technical Strategic Principal (Regional Planning)

“Part Four: Ensuring Grid Reliability”

Aaron Ellis is the Lower Mainland Distribution Planning Manager at BC Hydro. He and his team are responsible for planning BC Hydro’s electrical distribution infrastructure and developing long term capital plans. Aaron has over 20 years of technical and professional experience in distribution planning, distributed energy resources, and project management. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science (University of British Columbia) in Electrical Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer with EGBC. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time in the great outdoors.


Mariko Michasiw, Program Manager, B2E