ZEBx Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue – Caution! Blind Spots Ahead.

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January 17, 2022
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January 28, 2022

Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue – Caution! Blind Spots Ahead.

Past Event: Jan 20, 2022 @ 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

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It’s been said before, but it’s worth mentioning again: to achieve the emissions reductions that society needs to achieve, we will have to decarbonize existing buildings.

Deep emissions retrofits will need to be scaled up dramatically over the next decade, but we have to pay attention to the blind spots that could get us into trouble as we scale up retrofits. Will the widespread adoption of heat pumps result in an increase in refrigerant leakage? How do we prevent low-income renters from getting saddled with higher utility bills? How will BC Hydro deal with increase in demand from electrification of existing buildings?

This event is was a collaboration with BC Hydro and features speakers from BC Hydro, Integral and Fresco.

Dialogues and Speakers

1. BC Hydro’s Integrated Resource Plan – Flexible Resources for an Uncertain Future

2. Integral Group – Managing Refrigerants As BC Scales Up Deep Emissions Retrofits

3. Fresco – Addressing the Affordability Impact of Deep Emissions Retrofits on Low-Income Households

Alex Tu, Senior Strategic Technical Specialist, BC Hydro

Alex Tu has worked in the utility sector for 20 years in roles related to technology innovation, sustainability and resource planning. He has a bachelor degree in natural science from McGill University and a master degree in public policy from Simon Fraser University. Alex has been with BC Hydro since 2004 and works currently in the Energy Planning Department focusing on alternative and emerging energy resources.

Bhavin Degadwala, Associate Principal, Integral Group

Bhavin is one of the Contributors to Integral Group’s Refrigerants & Environmental Impacts – A Best Practice Guide. He is a mechanical engineer with over seven years of experience designing mechanical systems for a variety of project types, including large-scale commercial offices, community spaces, healthcare facilities, and laboratories. His designs are driven by a focus on occupant health and comfort. Bhavin’s diverse project experience allows him to address complex design within an integrated structure while staying on schedule.

Justin TK Chin, Associate Principal, Integral Group

Justin is a mechanical engineer and Certified Passive House Designer with deep technical experience in the green building industry. With a pragmatic design approach, he creates project-specific solutions specializing in both building-level systems and institutional and campus-scale district energy systems. Justin emphasizes using an integrated process to ensure all stakeholder needs are met and to provide simple, elegant, and practical solutions to the client.

Jordan Fisher, President and Program Manager, FRESCo Building Efficiency

Jordan has been providing services related to the improvement of energy efficiency in new and existing residential buildings for over 15 years. He is an experienced project manager, energy/business case analyst, and is a Professional Planner. He has diverse experience in energy/water conservation, green building and infrastructure, cost consulting, community sustainability, and energy/emissions planning. Jordan has been the project lead for numerous building energy efficiency and GHG reduction projects in the private and public sectors, including over 25 million square feet of buildings of various types and sizes and a variety of planning/policy initiatives.


Robyn Wark, Manager of Advanced Demand Side Management, BC Hydro

Roberto Pecora, Director, ZEBx

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