ZEBx Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue – Are we Ready? Supply Chain and Labour Force Capacity

Deep Emissions Retrofit of a 1968 Office Tower
November 16, 2021

Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue – Are we Ready? Supply Chain and Labour Force Capacity

Past Event: Nov 24 @ 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

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The Deep Emission Retrofit Dialogue Series brings together the local building community to discuss emerging solutions and barriers related to building retrofits. Our third event in this series was our Nov 2021: Deep Emissions Retrofits of Homes: Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue – Are we Ready? which was a collaboration with the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

Both the City of Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver Regional District are working on plans to limit the amount of GHGs an existing building can emit. Once these plans are finalized, regulations will follow. But are we ready for these climate-friendly “big moves”? Are the labour force and supply chains ready or able to rise to this challenge after all the disruptions caused by the pandemic?

Dialogues and Speakers

Capacity Building of Qualified Residential Retrofit Contractors – HPCN

Greg Bloom – Manager of Industry Relations, HPSC

As a carpenter, trainer and lifelong learner, Greg has an extensive background in the new home building, commercial and residential retrofit industries in BC. This includes building and managing residential single to multifamily new build and renovation projects, working with retail box chains as a national trainer, coaching and facilitating industry best practices – and taking every opportunity in continuing to learn new best practices within the industry and related programs. Before joining the HPSC, Greg was the owner of a residential renovation consulting company. Now with the HPSC, Greg leads industry engagement, advocacy, and policy development as the Manager of Industry Relations.

Green Building Retrofits at Scale: exploring the workforce and supply chain opportunities presented by the Part 3 retrofit economy.

Ben Clark – Senior Consultant, The Delphi Group

Ben is a climate and sustainability professional with 15 years experience in government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. As a Senior Consultant and Project Manager with The Delphi Group, he leads research, engagement, and strategy development projects across sectors in the green economy. Ben’s recent project experience includes assessing the readiness of professions and developing KPIs for the BC Energy Step Code, implementing a Single-use Item Reduction Strategy for the City of Surrey, and developing a sector framework and growth scenarios for BC’s Watershed Sector. Prior to his current role, he worked for the Province of BC for 10 years in climate action and adventure tourism sector development. Ben is also passionate about place-based food systems and volunteers with a number of related initiatives in Victoria.

Taking stock: Technology needs, availability and gaps in B.C.’s heat pump market and other early findings from the Vancouver Economic Commission’s Heat Pump Technology Attraction Strategy.

Stephanie Willis – Senior Analyst, Dunsky

Stephanie Willis, M.Eng., is a Senior Analyst at Dunsky with 6 years of experience in heating electrification, energy efficiency and technology development. She has worked extensively on modelling the GHG, energy, and economic impacts of energy efficiency and electrification measures for buildings in jurisdictions across the U.S. and Canada. Stephanie developed the Dunsky HEATTM model from the ground up and implemented it for several projects, including multiple cost effectiveness studies on the decarbonization of heating for Canadian gas distributors. As a data geek and a climate hawk, Stephanie tries to contribute to climate change mitigation through a ‘numbers not adjectives’ approach


Akua SchatzVice President, Market Engagement and Advocacy, CaGBC

Roberto PecoraDirector of ZEBx

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