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  • Innovative Zero Emissions Building Exchange Launches in Vancouver

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 11, 2018   Innovative Zero Emissions Building Exchange Launches in Vancouver To Accelerate Exemplary Buildings Across City and Province   ZEBx will remove […]

  • Illustrated Guide – Achieving Airtight Buildings

    This guide is an industry resource to design, build and test airtight buildings. It also consolidates information on achieving airtightness in buildings, with a focus on […]

  • BC Energy Step Code Design Guide

    This guide provides information on the key strategies and approaches to meeting the Energy Step Code in mid- and high-rise (Part 3) wood-frame and non-combustible residential […]

  • Low Thermal Energy Demand for Large Buildings

    This guide aims to broaden the common understanding of how large buildings can meet higher levels of performance as required by Passive House, BC Energy Step […]

  • Near Zero

    A green initiative sponsored by the City of Vancouver to gather data and encourage the construction of more high-performance, low-rise buildings.

  • The Future of ZEBs in Vancouver: An Interview with Jim Taggart

    The Future of ZEBs in Vancouver: An Interview with Jim Taggart Among Vancouver’s ever-present environmental advocacy, it can sometimes be difficult to identify where our city […]

  • High Density Passive House Dialogue

    Past Event: September 19, 2018 Event Recap On September 19, ZEBx held its inaugural public event, the High Density Passive House Dialogue. Project teams from Vancouver’s […]

  • High Density Passive House Dialogue

    Exploring Vancouver’s first multi-unit residential Passive House projects Past Event: September 19, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Overview On September 19, ZEBx in partnership […]

  • Letter from the Executive Director

    Navigating a Busy Fall Schedule for Professional Development Zero Emissions Partners and Friends, In my conversations with you over the last few months, it is apparent […]

  • Cornell Passive House Tower: Student Residence

    Designing and Building the World’s Largest and Tallest Passive House Building The House at Cornell Tech After winning the contract to build a tech campus on […]

  • Zero Emissions Building Tools

    Why ZEB Tools To support innovation in design and construction of multi-unit buildings that pursue zero emissions performance, the Zero Emissions Building (ZEB) tolls are structure […]

  • EfficiencyBC

    About the Website Commercial or residential, renovation or new construction – energy improvements are an excellent way to reduce your building’s energy use and make your […]

  • Better Buildings BC

    About the Program Better Buildings BC: The Net-Zero Energy-Ready Challenge is a provincial incentive program and juried competition that aims to celebrate and support the design […]

  • Feasibility study to implement the Passivhaus Standard on Tall Residential Buildings

    Overview Passivhaus, the progressive lower-energy residential standard which originated in Germany, has proven that ambitious sustainable models are possible through simple, direct and primarily architectural solutions. […]

  • PassivTower: Sustainable Housing for the High Density City

    Overview The construction and operation of buildings is responsible for approximately half of carbon emissions, according to the UK Green Building Council, opening up the possibility […]

  • Advanced PHPP for Large Passive House Buildings

    Past Event: November 28, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Overview Presented by ZEBx and Peel Passive House, this interactive two-day course allows participants to […]

  • Heat Pumps for Domestic Hot Water

    Past Event: November 20, 2018 Event Recap This workshop showcased the latest efforts to reduce the load, energy, and GHG emissions of residential domestic hot water […]

  • HVAC in Large Passive House Buildings

    Past Event: November 30, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Overview Large buildings are quickly becoming a dominant feature of the Passive House landscape in […]

  • City of Vancouver: Passive Design Toolkit for Large Buildings

    Overview The City of Vancouver’s Passive Design Toolkit for Large Buildings presents best practices for the application of passive design in Vancouver. It is intended to […]

  • Green Building in Canada: Assessing Market Impacts & Opportunities

    Overview This project assesses the market and employment impacts, as well as the core strengths and capabilities, of Canada’s green building industry. Based on considerable secondary […]

  • Procuring Innovation in Construction

    Overview The objective of this report is to help public and private owners become “innovation friendly” in their construction procurement – to enable them to access […]

  • Construction Innovation Project: Building BC’s vision

    Overview In a world powered by innovation, action is needed to ensure that BC construction companies are ready to meet the challenges ahead. It’s hard to […]

  • City of Vancouver: Passive Design Toolkit for Homes

    Overview This toolkit has been written to inform City staff and the design and development communities about passive design. While covering best practices, the toolkit addresses […]

  • Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide

    The latest version of the Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide, developed by Morrison Hershfield includes an increased number of assemblies and details for quantifying and mitigating thermal bridging […]

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