Case Study: Peatt Commons West

Jan 2021 Decarb Lunch: The BC Low Carbon Building Policy Toolkit
January 29, 2021
CleanBC NZER Challenge Workshops Series: Lessons from the Leading Edge
February 11, 2021

Peatt Commons West is the second phase of a purpose-built rental development by Peatt Commons Inc. in Langford, British Columbia. While its original design targeted some improvement in energy performance, the developer of Peatt Commons West decided to pursue Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code after entering into the NZER Challenge. Peatt Commons Inc. engaged an energy modeler to guide the design team in upgrading the design to meet the higher performance target. 

The aim of the Peatt Commons West development was to provide the local community with affordable, condo-quality, energy-efficient rental housing while minimizing the overall carbon footprint of the development. The developer anticipated that this approach would attract more responsible and discerning tenants.

The original design for Peatt Commons West included an above-grade, mass timber structure and some basic energy conservation measures which decreased the energy consumption of the building 15% below the applicable baseline established by the 2015 National Energy Code for Buildings. To qualify for the NZER Challenge competition, the developer decided to pursue the highest level of the Energy Step Code for this size of building. Targeting Step 4 was an opportunity to be at the forefront of the green development community and to test new design and construction strategies that would help achieve the developer’s intrinsic goals.

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