Innovative Zero Emissions Wood Buildings – Technical Workshop

Protected: The ZEBx Podcast: Decarb Lunch – Quantifying Embodied Carbon for Buildings of the Future
June 17, 2019
Vancouver Point Grey High-Performance Laneway House
July 4, 2019

Past Event: June 19, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 4:30 pm


A one-day technical workshop focused on advancing affordable, attractive, zero emissions wood buildings.

  • Deepen your understanding of the latest developments in Mass Timber methods, solutions and processes through discussion with local experts.
  • Advance wood solutions by collaborating with subject matter experts across industry sectors.
  • Resolve persistent barriers.
  • Streamline the adoption and design process for wood buildings in BC.

The province of BC recently approved the construction of tall wood buildings up to 12 storeys. This legislation comes into effect with the 2025 near zero emissions building policy right around the corner. For building design and construction leaders to remain competitive and guarantee their long-term success in local industry, the adoption of innovative alternatives to traditional concrete building systems will be a critical business development.

Workshop participants will collaborate across industry silos to test and identify effective solutions for designing high-performance wood buildings in BC.

By joining BC’s first Innovation Management System, you will not only be strategically placed at the frontline of industry’s rapidly evolving market, but will also have the opportunity to develop and shape the next generation of high-performance solutions, processes and products.

For innovators to continue to be effective, accepted solutions need to be diffused quickly to market. Through recently building policy, the local market has been primed for the adoption of new products and processes, allowing innovators to maintain their competitiveness. At the same time, these innovators are the most qualified to solve persistent problems encountered by the late adopters who, in turn, have a greater confidence in unfamiliar solutions if they have access to validated solutions developed by the peers they respect and trust. This workshop provides the opportunity for innovators, like you, to test hypotheses and explore new solutions in a low-risk, efficient and effective way.