Green Building in Canada: Assessing Market Impacts & Opportunities

City of Vancouver: Passive Design Toolkit for Large Buildings
December 10, 2018
Procuring Innovation in Construction
December 10, 2018


This project assesses the market and employment impacts, as well as the core strengths and capabilities, of Canada’s green building industry. Based on considerable secondary research and literature review, 35 industry stakeholder interviews, and a detailed, data-driven economic impact assessment, this project:

  • Developed an overview of the current status of activities in Canada’s green building sector, including an update on trends impacting the industry and a list of policy, program, and financial drivers;
  • Quantified the size and scope of the green building sector in Canada (for both LEED® activities and the broader industry), including an estimation of the latest economic activity (in terms of GDP, employment, and market penetration); and
  • Identified national green building industry capabilities, including the range of products and services, innovation, and core competencies of industry leaders.


This report is designed to:

  • Capture the exponential growth of the industry and the measurable impact that the sector is having on the economic, social, and environmental fabric of Canada;
  • Inform policy-makers by demonstrating the impact of the sector on jobs and regional / community benefits;
  • Provide an overview of the evolution of the sector, current trends and market opportunities, costs, risks, and barriers to growth;
  • Showcase the strengths and capabilities of Canada’s green building industry in line with potential export opportunities and global markets; and
  • Provide an overview of the current state of innovation and the potential for new and emerging technologies, materials, and practices / processes in line with regional, national, and global trends.