Decarb Lunch: June 2020, Lessons Learned from Local Multi-Family Heat Pump Retrofit Projects

CleanBC NZER Challenge Workshops Series
June 18, 2020
Low-Carbon Mechanical Systems
July 6, 2020

Decarb Lunch: Lessons Learned from Local Multi-Family Heat Pump Retrofit Projects

Past Event: June 26, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Fresco Building Efficiency will share the retrofit stories from three current decarbonization projects in Vancouver and Victoria. The first case study is a 1960’s low-rise multi-family residence originally heated with an oil-fired boiler. It has been converted to individual unit mini-split heat pumps and received a mild envelope upgrade. This simple and practical conversion has dramatically reduced GHGs, given controllable heating and cooling to tenants, and transferred responsibility for heating consumption to tenants.

The second case study is a 1910 heritage hotel which provides housing to 54 people in Vancouver’s Downtown East side. The client committed to eliminating most GHG emissions from the site by converting to a fully electric heat pump hot water system. Built in 1964, the third case study is a typical Lower Mainland mid-rise multi-family building. Fresco Building Efficiency will share the technical and financial options for converting its gas boiler hydronic system to a centralized air source heat pump.


John Foster, P.Eng., Energy Efficiency Engineer/Senior Analyst – FRESCo Building Efficiency

John is committed to implementing decarbonization retrofits in multi-unit residential buildings. He finds the current times very exciting as there have never been as much rapid technical development and political will to decarbonize. Since 2012, he has identified potential GHG reduction projects in over 500 buildings. John joined FRESCo Building Efficiency in 2015 as Senior Energy Analyst for multi-family energy retrofits. He brings deep personal knowledge to his role since he has lived in rental apartments all of his adult life.