Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide

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December 10, 2018
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December 10, 2018

The latest version of the Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide, developed by Morrison Hershfield includes an increased number of assemblies and details for quantifying and mitigating thermal bridging in large buildings. The guide is now supported with four “How-To” videos

The goal of the co-sponsors of this guide is to help transform the BC construction sector to realize more energy efficient buildings. To help meet this goal, the primary objective of this guide was to address the obstacles currently confronting our industry, with regard to thermal bridging, by:

  • Providing a catalogue of the thermal performance of common envelope assemblies and interface details directly relevant to construction in BC.
  • Providing information that makes it easier for industry to comprehensively consider thermal bridging in building codes and bylaws, design, and whole building energy simulations. 
  • Examining the costs associated with improving the thermal performance of opaque building envelope assemblies and interface details, and forecasting the energy impact for several building types and BC climates. 
  • Evaluating the cost effectiveness of improve the building envelope through more thermally efficient assemblies, interface details and increasing insulation levels.