Building Electrification


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A hub for all the latest news and events associated to the Building to Electrification (B2E) Coalition, building electrification and the April 2021 Road Map launch.
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Reducing Emissions in BC’s Building Sector

Buildings in British Columbia (BC) emit approximately 6.9 million tonnes of GHG emissions on an annual basis. This represents approximately 10.7% of the provinces’ total emissions, and makes the building sector one of the highest sector emitters – exceeded only by road transportation (27.1%) and the oil and gas sector (17.6%). Unlike transportation and oil and gas, the building sector is regulated entirely by provincial and local governments. It therefore represents one of the most straightforward opportunities for a rapid transition to a low- carbon market sector.

Why Building Electrification?

Electrification is recognized by all levels of government as a critical strategy for decarbonizing BC’s building sector. The Building Electrification Road Map is a tool through which the necessary set of tactical actions for building electrification have been identified, including the right sequence and steps to ensure that BC’s building sector reaps the benefits of a clear and coordinated market transformation for both the existing building and new construction sectors.