Better Buildings BC

October 18, 2018
Feasibility study to implement the Passivhaus Standard on Tall Residential Buildings
October 30, 2018

About the Program

Better Buildings BC: The Net-Zero Energy-Ready Challenge is a provincial incentive program and juried competition that aims to celebrate and support the design and construction of complex buildings that achieve the top step of the BC Energy Step Code. Projects targeting Passive House certification are also eligible, as are those that meet the highest level of the Zero Emissions Building Plan.

The program is open to developers, architects and engineers who are proposing any new Part 3 construction project, such as larger multi-family residential buildings, office, retail/commercial or institutional buildings. Major building renovations are eligible to participate.

Incentives are available to help offset the incremental design and construction costs associated with high performance building. In addition, successful applications will be given an award and celebrated as leaders in innovative building design in BC, and showcased to the building industry and public.

The overall goal is to highlight high-performance buildings that use innovative and cost-effective strategies and approaches. Prospective applicants must submit an expression of interest by the end of November, and the Minister of Mines, Energy and Petroleum Resources will make final decisions in June 2019.

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