BC Energy Step Code Newsletter

Decarb Lunch: Jan 2023, Heat Pumps for Step 5 Homes in Northern BC
January 30, 2023
What’s the Plan? Mar 2023, Planning for Building Decarbonization: Affordable Housing
March 10, 2023

BC Energy Step Code Newsletter

The BC Energy Step Code newsletter is a monthly bulletin that keeps government, industry, and utility stakeholders informed of recent and upcoming developments with the BC Energy Step Code. It is produced by ZEBx on behalf of the Capacity Building and Communications Subcommittee of the Energy Step Code Council with contributions provided by various stakeholders.

March 2023 Edition

The latest edition features:

  • Introducing the Zero Carbon Step Code PowerPoint Deck
  • A Zero Carbon, Net Zero Duplex in Cold Climate Zone 6
  • Zero Carbon Step Code Peer Cohort for Local Governments
  • HVAC Guide for New Homes
  • ZEBx Decarb Lunch: Step 4, All-Electric and Massive
  • The latest events from the BC Green Building Calendar

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