Apr 2023 Decarb Lunch Podcast: High-Rise Hot Water – The Future is Electric

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High-Rise Hot Water – The Future is Electric

Past Event: Apr 28, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm



Recent updates to the BC Building Code include the introduction of a voluntary Zero Carbon Step Code (ZCSC), effective May 1, 2023. Local governments will now have a straightforward way to regulate emissions from new buildings! To meet the highest tiers of the ZCSC, buildings can or will (depending on the tier) need to decarbonize their domestic hot water (DHW) systems using electrification. In large residential buildings, DHW systems can be centralized or decentralized. April’s Decarb Lunch will feature a presentation from Ecotope, a Seattle-based research and design company, on:

-Best practices for design and installation of large central DHW systems;
-Key considerations for equipment selection:
-Design differences for high- and low-rise residential; and,
-Examples of buildings with all-electric central hot water systems.

This webinar will also include a presentation from AME group on the mechanical design of a central hot water system for the ALT-Hastings Housing and Healing Centre project currently under construction. The 112-unit development will be Net Zero Carbon and will achieve the highest Step Code level 4. The 11-storey, 12,260 m2 (132,000 sqft) building includes permanent homes, supported housing, commercial space, and a Healing Centre.  


Shawn Oram, Principal, Design and Engineering, Ecotope

Shawn Oram leads business development for Ecotope’s design and engineering line. His work at Ecotope since 2002 focuses on energy efficiency and its relationship to building systems design. He has a deep knowledge of buildings, systems and energy use gained through field studies, research, energy audits, code compliance analysis, extensive energy modelling, commissioning, and design of HVAC and plumbing systems. Shawn ensures that Ecotope’s team of highly specialized engineers deliver the most cost-effective and energy-efficient buildings while meeting clients’ budget, project and timeline goals. He has played key roles in the design of innovative mechanical and plumbing systems.

Patrick Stewart, Principal, AME Group

Patrick has been working in the mechanical building system design industry since 2011. He has worked on many sustainable projects all around British Columbia that include institutional, Commercial, and multi-family residential. Patrick is a certified Passive House Designer and has completed multiple mechanical designs utilizing heat pump technology for domestic hot water systems.


Mariko Michasiw, B2E Program Manager, ZEBx

Ju Chan Kim, BC Housing