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Innovative Zero Emissions Building Exchange Launches in Vancouver
June 11, 2018

Zero Emissions Building Exchange Articles are Coming Soon.

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What is ZEBx and Why ZEBx test to be revised as: ZEBx is a collaborative platform that strengthens the public, private and civic capacities for zero emission buildings in Vancouver and British Columbia. We are an industry hub that facilitates knowledge exchange to accelerate market transformation.

The Exchange fosters innovation through dialogues, project tours, curated research, training and demonstrations. We work closely with all facets of the industry, including developers, builders, architects and designers spanning single family homes to high rise residential and commercial buildings.

We are based in The Hive—a social impact office centre—in the heart of Vancouver. Our work reaches across British Columbia and the globe.

In 2016, the City of Vancouver released its Zero Emissions Building Plan, which requires most new buildings to be near zero emissions by 2025 and all new buildings to be zero emissions by 2030. In 2017, British Columbia released the BC Energy Step Code, which sets the path for all new buildings to be net zero ready by 2032. ZEBx is dedicated to supporting the industry through this transition, acting as a catalyst that transforms the entire design and construction value chain towards cost-effective, attractive, zero emission buildings.

ZEBx is a neutral and unbiased organization that has uses a collaborative model unique to the building industry. ZEBx works with a wide range of partners, including industry associations, governments, researchers, trades programs, suppliers and global experts.